Puppet Karaoke at Boom Concepts!


Dave English of the Puppetry Guild and local artist DS Kinsel will be holding their next Puppet Karaoke on Wednesday, June 5th. This is a great opportunity for guild members and friends to meet new people and to take part in a fun, community event. No puppetry experience necessary. Join in the fun or hang out and cheer everyone on.


Puppet Karaoke is really just that- karaoke using puppets! Don’t have a great voice? Not sure about Karaoke? Puppets make all of that go away! We provide the stage and system. Audience members borrow or bring puppets and even make them on the spot at the puppet making station! Or they relax as voyeurs while their nervier or more inebriated friends sing their puppet lungs out. Anything else you have planned on a Wednesday pales in comparison to this. So we will see you there!

When: Wednesday, June 5th and Wednesday, July 31st (Doors at 6:00PM – 9:00PM).

Where: Boom Concepts 5139 Penn Ave Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15224

How Much?: $5 Admission. BYOB.

Audience: Grown.

Who?: BOOM Concepts is a community organization created for the expansion of activity for artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs who have common interests.

DS Kinsel (Co-Host) D.S. Kinsel is an award winning creative entrepreneur and cultural agitator. He expresses his creativity through the mediums of painting, window display, installation, curating, action-painting, non-traditional performance and #HASHTAGS. D.S. is the co-founder Of BOOM Concepts, a creative hub dedicated to the advancement of black and brown artists representing marginalized communities. A former AmeriCorps Public Ally member, D.S. has also been recognized as an Awardee of the Pittsburgh Courier Fab 40, Pittsburgh Magazine.

Dave English (Co-Host) is a Pittsburgh based artist, writer, and puppeteer. He lives in Polish Hill and is a Pittsburgh area native. Dave is the president of the Puppetry Guild of Pittsburgh and has performed in Pittsburgh and other cities for nearly two decades.

Audience Participants Who knows who is going to show up to sing Puppet Karaoke? But we are hoping this partnership brings out a diverse group of adventurous folks ready to make puppets and sing really loud! Why Is This Going To Be Awesome? A cold weekday evening in February might be the worst- if it wasn’t for Puppet Karaoke. There is certainly nothing else happening that night as cool as this. Come have a few drinks, sing a love song from a puppet, maybe to a puppet, and be home early enough to be functional at work on Thursday.


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