Moving Forward!

It’s been two years since the formation of the Puppetry Guild of Pittsburgh (PGOP). The project has been running at a steady pace. Quarterly meetings have been taking place at libraries, art studios and non-profit organizations throughout Pittsburgh. The Puppetry Slam showcase of member shows has become an annual tradition. Some exciting plans are in the works as PGOP aims to grow and to reach out to the community in new ways in 2018.  Here are a few developments:

  1. PGOP members met on Sunday November 12th for the quarterly meeting and election of new officers. A portion of the meeting was dedicated to brainstorming and vision questing.  Members expressed interest in coordinating PGOP activities at local arts and culture organizations for the National Day of Puppetry. Having a social gathering or PUPPET HAPPY HOUR before the end of 2017 was also discussed.
  2. PGOP is now a project of NEW SUN RISING. The parent organization will provide fiscal sponsorship and organizational support.
  3. CONGRATULATIONS to Darlene Fedele Thomson for completing two years as president of PGOP and for putting in the effort to get the organization started!
  4. CONGRATS to our new officers: Gwen Bowman – President, Dave English – VP, Mandee Williams – Secretary and Tom Sarver – Treasurer!
  5. The guild is pursuing a new approach to communications, with an evaluation of PR, community networking and internal communications happening in the coming months.

You don’t have to be a professional puppeteer to join the guild.  We do not have a jury or application process for membership. Anyone who is interesting in the art of puppetry is welcome to join.


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